Mark Weir

About Mark

Mark Weir excels at downhill/freeride mountain biking, cross-country and 24-hour marathon events, setting records and literally wearing out competitors. After 20+ years as a pro rider, he's won the Downieville Downhill eight times, and climbed over a million vertical feet on his bike in less than a year. Mark is based in Novato, CA, where he helps field-test CamelBak products and mentors up-and-coming young riders.

Mark recently started a 501c3 with some friends called Friends of Stafford Lake Bike Park. Their mission is to ensure that the bike park makes it to fruition, which is quite the feat with local county officials and residents. Overall, he's truly grateful for the life he has been able to build around his passion for the sport. "If you don't remember the hands that lifted you to where you are today, this place you are at will not live long. You are only as good as the people that surround you. I feel I'm surrounded by the best."

Career Highlights